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Tamreer Service

Idea Summary

The idea is summarized by making special box and envelopes with two different colours of entry permit transactions and residency, and the client should fill the envelope with required details, submit it in the envelope with all required documents , closing the envelope firmly cutting envelope below side area, keep it with the customer as review receipt , deposit the envelope inside the special box , then the concerned staff will empty that box twice a day, and then gather all transactions, complete them , hand over these transactions to the customer as per the way that they write on the envelope regarding delivery the transaction by (EMPOST – PERSONALLY – or by AMIR SERVICE) the aiming category of the idea are all customers of UAE Nationalities and residents by presenting additional value of services that presented to them for making their transactions easy in the department the time of presenting the service and reducing the pressure on the main hall so that, there is no need for customer to enter the service hall and waiting his turn, but deposit the envelope in the box (AMIR SERVICES) situated inside external office of directorate department.

Profits of applying the idea :

Applying the idea resulted to gain customers satisfaction and make them happy, and meeting their needs through means and ways that they see suitable, and leaded to simply transactions, change their style of receive deliver transactions, so that the average of customers of passing service in general (92.8%) as new services. so that customers expressed their satisfaction about aiming the directorate to envelope services to make customers happy percentage (91.1%) and about the presented services (94.6%) and reduce their efforts (93.5%) as per nationalities the European and UAE nationalities are the highest satisfaction about the service.

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