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Procedures Guide Service in Sign Language

Idea Summary:

The idea is aiming Disabled persons (Deaf and speechless) by presenting extra value for services quality and make transactions easy in directorate by their special language.

The idea is to make film photography by signals showing procedures guide, required documents for passing Disabled persons (Deaf and Speechless) in Residency Department participated in film by Disable persons of guide procedures for all transactions, and launching through screens in main halls of the services.

The aim of the idea: the guide of services to be not for normal persons, but including all society categories and in way showing the required for them (Disabled persons).

The idea contained semi Marginalized category and guidance of procedures did not include them, and also participated in Merge this category of society and grant them self-confidence and feeling for their importance, and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Ras Al Khaimah is able to change and response to requirements of customers and making it available as per means and times and outlets that suitable to them. And it is considering a unique shift in quality of governmental services and aiming to be more progressive to the best levels, also in line with the national plans of the county by presenting the best governmental services and unique services.


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