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1. What are the required documents for entry permit of house keepers and who are within (helper – driver…. etc.) for UAE nationality sponsor?

Term and conditions, documents required:

  • Entry permits application form signed by sponsor.
  • Sponsor’s passport copy.
  • Sponsored passport copy.
  • Sponsored personal coloured photo.
  • Sponsored synopsis of enrollment.


  • In case that the sponsor wishes to get entry permit for private deriver he should bring two registration cards in his name valid and driving license of sponsored.
  • In case that sponsor wishes to get entry permit for farmer, shepherd, he should bring report from Ministry of Environment and Water showing all details if he has a farm or manor.
  • In case that sponsor wishes to get entry permit for nurse, he should bring report about patient case and nursing certificate for sponsored.
  • In case that sponsor wishes to get entry permit for guard he should bring building ownership (residential).

Transactions procedures:

  • Review customer service counter and getting the initial approval.
  • Sending entry permit to Empost company for delivery to sponsor.

2. What are the documents required for new residence issue application for work in private sector (wok labor)?

Terms and documents required:

  • New residence application form request signed by sponsor + company stamp with new photo for sponsored.
  • Sponsored passport copy valid at least six months officially.
  • Original entry permit valid from entry UAE or change status 60 days.
  • Original health certificate valid three months.
  • Emirates ID application form copy stamped by Emirates ID Authority.
  • Labor card copy.

Truncations procedures:

  • New residence application confirmation prints out from typing office.
  • Presenting the application to customer service counter (residence department) for verification and getting queue waiting number.


* if there penalty should be paid in typing offices.

1. presenting the application to receiving counter for verifying – enrollment sign-typing coupon – fixing on passport.

2. giving the customer receiving advice (empost).

3. sending passport to Empost for delivery to sponsor and in case that transaction was urgent, then the passport will be delivered to sponsor personally.

4. keep transaction in files.

3. How issue establishment card (renew)?

  • Establishment card issue application request and required documents from the person or his representative.
  • Verifying establishment details if there is mistake.
  • Enter establishment details in union naturalization system
  • Issue the establishment card,  and then submit the card to customer.

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